Prayer List 7-12-2017

Nation's Leaders (local, state, federal) / Military Personnel

Homebound / Nursing Home / Personal Care Persons

Unsaved Friends and Family / Unspoken Requests

Families facing substance abuse issues

Children from Broken Families

The Well Youth Ministry & Search Committee

Camp Cowen

Children’s Ministry

Betty Jane Milton (Betty Higginbotham’s daughter)

Betty Higginbotham, Kay & Bob Armstrong – travelling mercies as they travel to Florida to see Betty Jane.

Carolyn Tweedy

Bob Tweedy – tests

David Oldgusby (friend of Alice Collins)

Frances Womack

Kenneth Kyle (Marilyn Trout’s uncle)

Terry Smith (Kevin’s mother)

David Haikal – extreme back pain

Mike and Beverly Kinsolving

Kim Bentley 

Christy Mynes (Coles’ daughter) – severe sinus issues

Lewis Moynihan (Barbara Milton’s niece’s husband) – cancer

Monica Watkins (wife of Gil Watkins, former pastor of St. Mark’s Episcopal)

Everett Pope Shamblin – newborn daughter of Clay & Sara Shamblin

Thelma Humphrey

Rose Blaylock – medical


Jeannine Augustine (Sandy Horner’s daughter)

Diann Foster

Jack Kibler is now at:
Bellaire at Devonshire
5 Bexley Dr., Room 231
Scott Depot, WV  25560
Sam Gibson

Gloria Kesselring

Bobbie Knapp

Mary Maze

Bill Palmer

Donna Pethtel

Maude Sweeney

Amy Wagner


Teays Valley Center

Vicki Smith

Teays Valley Rehab.

Bill Blaylock

Homebound Member of the Week

Cary Johnson

Missionaries of the Week

Ketley and Pierre Vital, Dominican Republic

Church of the Week

Grace Baptist Temple

 Sincere Sympathy To:

The family of Q.D. Wood in her passing


Cancer / Cancer Treatments


Phil and Mary Jane Arvidson

Christine Bailes (Tracy McGrath’s friend)

Mary Beth Bennett (Judi Forren’s friend) – chemo

Katrina Campbell (Marian Miles’ sister)

Patricia Caye (friend of Dee-Ann Burdette)

Ted Collins (Rod’s brother) 

Ken Combs (Downeys’ neighbor)

Jerry Downey

Rogers Fike (Reva Findley’s brother)

Betty Goff – chemo

Troy Hall (Barbara Hill’s brother)

Rodney Hilliard (Staci Brightwell’s biological uncle)

Mike Hogan –critical (Betty Higginbotham’s son-in-law)

Dusty Higginbotham (Missy Hinton’s cousin)

Nancy Kaiser (Betty Higginbotham’s friend)

Howard Kuhl (Jeanette’s brother)

Renee Price (Brandon’s mom)

Phil Schweizer (Wanda Collins’ nephew)

Shirley (Frances Johnson’s friend)

Tory (Penny Hill’s friend) – salvation/strength

Chuck Weber (Frances Johnson’s friend)

David Welker (April McVey’s father)

Edsel Whaling

Jim Young – chemo