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Hi! We’re glad you stopped by. We hope that you’ll get to know us a bit better while you’re here. And we’d like to get to know you too.

The first thing to know about us is our Lord Jesus Christ. It is through him that we are made right with God. Since each of us has done wrong, we have ruined any chance for a relationship with God on our own. But Jesus, God’s son, took the punishment for our sin. Through him we have a new opportunity to know God and experience his love.

We at First Baptist are from all sorts of backgrounds and are at every possible stage of life. We are kids, students, adults, and seniors. Some of us are just starting our Christian walk, while others have known Christ for decades. Each of us is different, but we share three purposes: to worship God and honor him in every aspect of our church and personal lives, to help others know how they can have a relationship with God, and to help each other become the compassionate, faithful people God wants us to be.

We hope that you’ll learn lots about us as you browse our website. Then, you’ll really get to know us if you stop by for a visit. We hope to see you soon!