Music Infusion

WELCOME to First Baptist Church’s MUSIC INFUSION.

MUSIC INFUSION is a new two-day music workshop program for kids entering Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-6. Separate sessions are offered throughout the summer for both age groups with a maximum enrollment of 15 students for each group.

MUSIC INFUSION, as with our former Music Camp, maintains a dual purpose: 1) To enrich the lives of students through exposure to a variety of musical experiences in an environment where God’s love/acceptance is expressed, possibly sparking a musical interest where there had not been one before, and 2) To introduce Jesus Christ to the students so that they might begin to understand who He is and their need for Him as their personal Savior.

How does MUSIC INFUSION differ from our former MUSIC CAMP?

MUSIC INFUSION is for two days rather than for five days.
MUSIC INFUSION meets for a half day- 3 1/2 hours rather than 6 1/2 hours.
MUSIC INFUSION sessions are structured for either Grades 2-3 or Grades 4-6 allowing us to focus on age appropriate activities for each age group.
MUSIC INFUSION sessions are smaller groups of students (15 max.) allowing for more individual instruction.

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