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American Baptist Women's Ministries

 American Baptist Women's Ministries was born out of a group of women concerned about the preaching and teaching of the gospel to women in other lands. In 1871, The Baptist Woman's Missionary Society was formed. Over the years the name has changed as well as the way of doing things. But the commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to the mission of the church has remained the same.


Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry is a church-wide endeavor to shape the spiritual lives of children through Christian education programs, music and a variety of other activities.  It is a two-part effort:  first we strive to help children know Christ by teaching God’s Word; second, we teach children how to apply these truths by modeling Christ in our own lives and showing them how they too can live in a way that glorifies Him. 

Hands and Feet Ministry

Sometimes the best way to share God’s love is to take care of a special need in the community.  That is what Hands and Feet is all about.  This group looks for opportunities to make a difference for people who would appreciate some help.  Several recent projects have taken care of home repair or improvement needs.   But don’t be surprised to see this group involved in just about anything that puts “hands and feet” into showing God’s love to others.

Music Ministry

We believe music to be a vital part of Christian worship. First Baptist offers a wide variety of musical styles from traditional to gospel, from classical to contemporary-a blending of old and new. Through the music ministry our purpose is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and to communicate the Word of God.

Praise Stories: A Psalm 145 Ministry

Praise Stories is all about sharing what God has done and is continuing to do in our lives!  Psalm 145 tells us we are all to share the legacy of God’s mighty acts with future generations.  This ministry is equipped to be an avenue of getting your story heard and made available to encourage, uplift, and enlighten anyone who reads it. 

The Well Student Ministry
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“The Well exists to Worship God and Advance the Gospel as we Train for ministrythat will Encourage growth as we Relate with one another and the world.”