American Baptist Women's Ministries

American Baptist Women's Ministries was born out of a group of women concerned about the preaching and teaching of the gospel to women in other lands. In 1871, The Baptist Woman's Missionary Society was formed. Over the years the name has changed as well as the way of doing things. But the commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to the mission of the church has remained the same.

The cross resembles the one in the American Baptist Churches logo. A.B.W.M. is part of the larger church body. We are reminded of what Christ did for us. The water symbolizes baptism, the oceans and rivers of the earth that connect us to other sisters and brothers around the world and the living water offered by Christ.
The woman portrays a woman of the Bible. The new testament women were among the first to know and believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son. She is depicted stepping from waters of baptism, confident in her belief in Jesus Christ. She holds a lighted lamp. She is carrying the light and life of Jesus Christ into the world, serving Christ. This is a picture of our mission statement.