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Praise Stories is all about sharing what God has done and is continuing to do in our lives!  Psalm 145 tells us we are all to share the legacy of God’s mighty acts with future generations.  This ministry is equipped to be an avenue of getting His story heard and made available to encourage, uplift, and enlighten anyone who reads it. 

Being equipped to share our testimonies with others in a concise form is so important in sharing about our faith in Jesus!  Praise Stories offers help and guidance in getting yours prepared.  All of us need to be comfortable in answering the question “Why do you believe?”  On the Praise Stories website, we have a great tool to help guide you through this process.  This tool was originally crafted after the format Paul used to tell his own testimony in the scriptures.

Illustrating via a story shared has so much power to it in ministry and our witness to the world.  Jesus taught using stories, too.  When we read a story, we connect with what they went through in a way that is unlike any other. 

Something I have learned already is there is some timidity about the thought of sharing personal things from our lives.  I can understand that completely with my own story.  First, we need to remember Who’s story it is we are sharing and Who’s Power crafted the good ending of our story.  Then, the Holy Spirit will guide the process in what is appropriate to share to allow what God did in your life to shine through.  It isn’t about the details, it is about the end-result; freedom by salvation and grace through our Father, Jesus Christ.  Let that excite you!


Praise Stories is a new ministry of 2017.  Currently I, Bethany Hanna, am the only participant.  Below are ways Praise Stories reaches out in ministry.  Please consider contacting me if you feel led to be a part somehow.  We will discuss your talents and availability to get you plugged in!


I make appointments to meet with Homebound members of our church.  We talk about their stories they wish to share about what God has done in their lives.  Many of these people are older or in nursing homes.  It brightens their day to get to visit, and I am blessed ten-fold as well.  There is such a wealth in gathering their stories!  Let me know if this is of interest to you.  It is very easy to just commit to doing 1 at a time.  It may take about a month for the scheduling and submitting your notes.  It may be an option to bring a voice recording device with you to be sure we get the full story.


 Some stories have been submitted to me already written out by the original author.  I simply edit them for consistency and grammar.  Then, I submit the draft to the author for approval or revision.  After receiving a story submitted by a verbal visit, I help to flesh it out on paper into something that can be shared.  I work with the story-teller to be sure everything sounds correct and is said in a light they are comfortable with.  When it is complete, I either post it on the Praise Stories blog online and/or print it out to be shared in the Praise Stories binder kept at the church.  If you enjoy writing and crafting words into stories, we really need your talents in this part of the ministry.


 Members of FBCSA need to know about Praise Stories and what the goal is.  Telling of what God has done in our lives isn’t about telling our story, it’s about telling God’s story.  This is something we all need to be involved with.  The more stories, the better.  Let’s get writing!

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